ANS CR Buys Czech Airlines Training Centre

September 27, 2012

The state enterprise Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic signed an agreement with Czech Airlines today to purchase the Czech Airlines Training Centre company, a subsidiary of Czech Airlines which provides training for flight crews as well as technical and operational personnel, specialized courses for air cargo transport (IATA), tourism, professional growth and language courses for Cesky Aeroholding Group companies and external clients.   ANS CR will become sole owner of the company as of October 1, 2012.

The purchase price for the 100% ownership share of Czech Airlines was CZK 280 million, deriving from the appraisal of a court-appointed independent expert. The change in ownership will in no way affect the company's current employees (approximately 30 people).

Czech Airlines, a part of the Cesky Aeroholding Group, is selling the Czech Airlines Training Centre primarily because the company's business focus does not accord with its own core business as envisioned for the companies in the Cesky Aeroholding Group in the future. ANS, by contrast, will be able to broaden its services offering to complement its long experience in offering training courses. The ANS Aviation School has functioned since 1997 as a modern, recognized training center offering services to clients around the globe. That same year, the pilot training and education unit (FTO) was opened, offering instruction to aviation personnel. Since 2008, the Aviation School, under the name Czech Air Navigation Institute, has built a strong position in the aviation education area in both Europe and Asia.

ANS CR CEO Jan Klas said: “The reason for transferring Czech Airlines Training Centre from Czech Airlines to our firm primarily lies in the high level of interest ANS CR has shown for some time now.  By putting the Aviation School and the training center under one roof, we gain the opportunity to provide a truly comprehensive range of training and education programs for all licensed aviation personnel.”  Czech Airlines Chairman and President Philippe Moreels adds: “This is just the next logical step in our strategy of focusing exclusively on growth areas for the company as a whole. Operating a training center wasn’t an activity that fit well into our long-range plans.

Czech Airlines Training Centre will continue to provide Flight Crew and Cabin Crew courses, including simulator instruction, airport operations courses, courses for technical and maintenance personnel, as well as courses for the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA). The companies in the Cesky Aeroholding Group (Czech Airlines, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines and Czech Airlines Technics) have concluded a long-term contract for these services with the Czech Airlines Training Centre.

As it currently stands, the ANS CR Aviation School offers a two-phase training program for air traffic controllers which accords with the training standards of the European Agency for Air Traffic Safety (EUROCONTROL) and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Aviation School also offers other professional courses and custom-designed courses.

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