Press Releases

  • Moody’s Upgrades Czech Aeroholding’s Rating to That of the Czech Republic


    The renowned Moody’s Investors Service agency has upgraded Czech Aeroholding’s rating to A1 and changed the outlook to stable, thus improving the A2 rating with a positive outlook. The agency’s decision is based on the fulfilment of the company’s commitment to implementing a prudent financial policy, the progress the company has made in the implementation of its corporate strategy and the way it has developed the client bases of its daughter companies. Thanks to the upgrade, Czech Aeroholding has thus become the only corporation outside the banking sector to have the highest rating available in the country, the same as that of the Czech Republic.

  • Czech Airlines Technics enters into exclusive complex aircraft maintenance agreements with Czech airlines


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group, which provides aircraft maintenance services, has entered into four exclusive Agreements with Czech Airlines. CSAT thus now provides the carrier with complex aircraft maintenance, i.e. with both base and line maintenance as well as components maintenance and engineering. All contracts have been entered into for a limited period of time, until June 2019.

  • Czech Airlines Technics to provide aircraft maintenance for Sichuan Airlines


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group providing aircraft maintenance services, entered into an Agreement with a fourth Chinese air carrier, Sichuan Airlines. CSAT will provide line maintenance for aircraft servicing the new direct scheduled connection between Prague and Chengdu which launches its operations on 12 August 2016. CSAT has already provided line maintenance to Sichuan Airlines charter flights during the first half of the year.

  • Czech Aeroholding Launches Recruitment Campaign, Advertises Vacancies


    The Czech Aeroholding Group plans a significant increase in the number of employees in 2016, by approximately 140. It offers vacancies within the mother company, but primarily in its daughter companies, such as Prague Airport, Czech Airlines Handling and Czech Airlines Technics. A new recruitment campaign, already run in printed media and on board public transport, should help the Group fill the vacancies. A new website,, is also a part of the campaign, relying on attractive graphics, clarity and the user-friendliness of its content.

  • Czech Airlines Technics enters into aircraft maintenance agreement with Wizz Air


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group, which provides aircraft maintenance services, entered into an Agreement with Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. CSAT now provides line maintenance for the carrier’s aircraft based at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

  • Czech Aeroholding Improves Its Financing Structure and Requests Higher Moody’s Rating


    Czech Aeroholding is soon to refinance its loan with the European Investment Bank taken in 2003 for the Terminal 2 construction. The loan was to be paid back in full in 2027. The new loan provider, based on the results of a tender, is Komerční banka. The act of refinancing will result in savings on the overall loan costs and meet the premise for the further improvement of the current A3 Stable rating by the renowned Moody’s agency.

  • Czech Airlines Technics to provide aircraft maintenance for Hainan Airlines


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group, which provides aircraft maintenance services, entered into an Agreement with the Chinese air carrier, Hainan Airlines. CSAT will provide line maintenance for aircraft servicing the new Prague – Beijing route.

  • Czech Airlines Technics receives European AEO certificate


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group which provides aircraft technical maintenance services, has received the AEO Certificate (Authorised Economic Operator), granted by the European Commission to reliable, financially stable economic subjects familiar with customs compliance. CSAT has thus prevented any potential impact of the announced legislative change pursuant to which only reviewed and certified companies will be able to use simplified customs procedures in the future.

  • Key Czech Aeroholding Companies Generated Operating Profit of CZK 1.872 Billion in the First Half of 2015


    During the first half of 2015, key Czech Aeroholding Group* (“the Group”) companies generated consolidated earnings (EBITDA**) of CZK 1.872 billion. The six-month Group results were positively influenced primarily by, alongside operating cost savings, increased revenue from aircraft maintenance and from aviation business thanks to changes to the incentive scheme for air carriers. Václav Havel Airport Prague increased the number of handled passengers by 5.4% year-on-year to 5.2 million. The Group has also increased the estimated yearly growth of earnings to 4%.

  • Prague to have new direct regular connection with China, as of this September a direct flight route will begin operating from Prague to Beijing


    At a press conference in China today Hainan Airlines announced the start of the operation of a direct regular flight route between Prague and Beijing. This comes as the result of intensive talks held between the airline and representatives of Prague Airport company as of the end of last year. The first flight is to take place on 23 September 2015.

  • New Image at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague: Both Terminals and Surroundings to Undergo Changes


    Czech Aeroholding has called for a two-round urban–transport tender resulting in new ideas for the image of the public area outside Terminals 1 and 2. The aim is to obtain a bid to reorganize transportation and create an urban concept for the public and development areas for preparing the construction of railway connections and the new parking system. In the future, a representative, friendly area is to be developed outside the terminals featuring a smart solution for car transportation and parking. The current interior of Terminals 1 and 2 is also to undergo modification to evoke the beginning of passengers’ holidays in Prague and the CR immediately upon their arrival.

  • Czech Airlines Technics to Increase its Capacity for Aircraft Base Maintenance. New Maintenance Line to Bring Hundreds of Jobs


    Czech Airlines Technics, a.s. (hereinafter CSAT), a subsidiary of Czech Aeroholding, is preparing to launch its fourth base maintenance line starting 1 September 2015. The company decided to expand its capacity because its existing capacity has been filled and it is adapting to the continuing trend of concluding business contracts with long-term guaranteed volumes. Opening another maintenance line means the gradual recruitment of more than a hundred of employees.

  • Key Czech Aeroholding Companies Attain Gross Operating Profit of CZK 3.6 Billion for 2014


    Key companies under the Czech Aeroholding group (Český Aeroholding, a.s., Letiště Praha, a. s., Czech Airlines Handling, and Czech Airlines Technics) have attained a gross operating profit (EBITDA) of CZK 3.6 billion for 2014. The results stem from growing sales of CZK 9 billion, as well as from austerity measures put in place by the new leadership of Czech Aeroholding. The group’s financial health was also confirmed by its A3 rating with a stable outlook by Moody’s.

  • Czech Airlines Technics asserts partnership with Finnair by concluding a new contract


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a subsidiary of Český aeroholding providing aircraft technical maintenance, has concluded a new contract with Finnish air company FINNAIR. The new contract guarantees base maintenance for at least 20 of the company’s aircraft as of the start of April 2015 to the end of April 2016. In addition, this new contract opens an opportunity for further mutual cooperation for the next season of 2016/2017.

  • Successful First Quarter at Václav Havel Airport Prague


    2015’s first quarter’s operational results of Václav Havel Airport Prague have confirmed a growing interest in Prague as a final destination. Václav Havel Airport Prague handled a total of 2,011,729 passengers during the first quarter of the year 2015 whereas 70 thousand fewer passengers were handled during the same period of the year 2014.

  • Czech Airlines Handling Acknowledged for its Handling Services


    Czech Airlines Handling (CSAH), Czech Aeroholding’s daughter company, has been voted the best provider of handling services in 2014 by Lufthansa and Swiss airlines. CSAH was ranked 1st out of 60 evaluated destinations.

  • Czech Airlines Technics Entered into a Contract with Transavia to Maintain their Entire Fleet


    Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a subsidiary of Český Aeroholding, which provides aircraft base maintenance, renewed the contract with the Dutch airline company Transavia. A contract that guarantees a fixed number of aircraft to be maintained is proof of the long-term and high-quality services that CSAT provides and a direct result of the shift in their business strategy.

  • Czech Aeroholding Becomes Czech Airlines’ Minority Shareholder


    Travel Service has acquired 34% of Czech Airlines’ shares together with the right to involvement in the joint management of the company. Following today’s announcement, Czech Aeroholding becomes Czech Airlines’ minority shareholder. Its future role will correspond with the new shareholding structure of the company. Czech Aeroholding will participate in the joint management of Czech Airlines with Travel Service, i.e. it will be involved in Czech Airlines management with a scope reflecting its minority stake.

  • The New V.A Underground Section to Speed up Transportation to Václav Havel Airport Prague


    With the opening of four new metro stations planned for 6 April 2015 at 3 PM, changes in transportation to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (LVHP) will take effect as of 7 April 2015. The changes, implemented by Prague Public Transit Authority (DPP) together with ROPID, will shorten travel time on bus route No. 119, now terminating at Nádraží Veleslavín station on the ‘A’ metro line.

  • Project to Increase Security at Václav Havel Airport Prague


    This morning, top management of Czech Aeroholding, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, the Security Intelligence Service, the Military Intelligence Section of the Ministry of Defence and the Office for Foreign Relations and Information signed a ‘Memorandum on Collaboration to Increase Security at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague”. It was the first step in implementing the ‘Project to Increase Security at Václav Havel Airport Prague’.

  • European Commission Approves Purchase of Shares in Czech Airlines by Travel Service


    Earlier today, not surprisingly, the European Commission has published its decision approving shared control in Czech Airlines by Czech Aeroholding and Travel Service. By obtaining the approval, a crucial condition was fulfilled, qualifying Travel Service to become a Czech Airlines shareholder. This step does not change Czech Airlines status of a European carrier. Upon completion of the transaction, expected to be finalised within two months, the shareholding structure of Czech Airlines will be as follows: Korean Air 44 %, Travel Service 34 %, Czech Aeroholding 19.74 % and Česká Pojišťovna 2.26 %.

  • Eva Krejčí Leaves the Post of Prague Airport’s Director for Communication and Corporate Governance; Marika Janoušková Assumes the Role of Communications Manager


    As of 30 November 2014, Eva Krejčí is leaving Czech Aeroholding where she has worked as Director for Communication and Corporate Governance of Václav Havel Airport Prague. Effective 1 December 2014, Marika Janoušková, present Communications Specialist responsible for Prague Airport’s affairs, assumes the role of External Communications Manager of Czech Aeroholding and Spokesperson of Václav Havel Airport Prague.

  • The Management of Czech Airlines and the Union of Cabin Crew reached a compromise agreement today


    There were intensive negotiations today at the Czech Aeroholding facilities between the board of Czech Airlines and representatives from the Union of Cabin Crew (hereafter known by the Czech acronym OOPL) concerning the current situation at Czech Airlines. Václav Řehoř, Chairman of the Board of Czech Aeroholding, and Luboš Pomajbík, Chairman of the Transport Union, were also present at the negotiations. All the participating parties agreed on a compromise, the result of which is the cancellation of the strike and the strike alert by the cabin crew on the one side, and concurrently a reduction in the impact on the current redundancies by Czech Airlines on the other.

  • Personnel Changes in Czech Aeroholding, Prague Airport and Czech Airlines Handling Boards of Directors


    Czech Aeroholding, as sole shareholder of Prague Airport, acting in the capacity of the General Meeting, approved termination of performance of the role of Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors by Jiří Pos who, effective 1 October 2014, assumed the vacant post in the five-member Czech Aeroholding’s Board of Directors. Concurrently, Czech Aeroholding’s Board of Directors, acting in the capacity of the Prague Airport’s General Meeting, approved changes to Prague Airport Statutes, changing the number of members of the Board of Directors from three to four. Jiří Kraus remains a member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors and is joined by Tomáš Rohlena and Milan Špaček, appointed by the General Meeting effective 1 October 2014. Effective 1 November 2014, the team will be joined by Jiří Petržílka. The new members consecutively elected Mr. Jiří Kraus as the Chairman and Mr. Tomáš Rohlena as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Next, Czech Aeroholding, as sole shareholder of Czech Airlines Handling, appointed Lukáš Král to the role of a member of the company’s four-member Board of Directors.

  • Press Statement Regarding the Czech Airlines Situation


    The new Czech Aeroholding management reviewed in detail the economic results of all companies incorporated in the Czech Aeroholding Group, including Czech Airlines, upon its appointment at the turn of June and July 2014. The second largest shareholder, Korean Air, was then informed about the situation in Czech Airlines, too. Together, they agreed to draft a restructuring plan with the goal of keeping the current revenue upon decreased costs. This plan was unanimously approved by all shareholders in a General Meeting at the beginning of September. Several restructuring measures, predominantly in the revenue area such as a new one-way tickets concept, flight schedule changes and changes to the company’s transport network (including those in the Russian market), have already brought first results. For the first time in several years, Czech Airlines will record a net operational profit for the entire summer season. Concurrent with the restructuring plan, negotiations among all shareholder regarding investments into Czech Airlines are currently in progress. Upon their closing, Czech Aeroholding and all shareholders will inform the general public of their future steps in regards to Czech Airlines.

  • Jakub Puchalský becomes Corporate and Marketing Communication Director at Czech Aeroholding


    Jakub Puchalský has become the new Director of Corporate and Marketing Communication, replacing Michaela Lagronová. With regard to media relations, Puchalský will be dealing primarily with strategic and corporate issues related to the functioning and further direction of Czech Aeroholding.

  • Marta Guthová leaves the post of deputy chairperson and member of Prague Airport’s board of directors


    Today, by resolution of Czech Aeroholding’s Board of Directors, acting in capacity of Prague Airport’s General Meeting, Marta Guthová was dismissed from the post of Deputy Chairperson and Member of Prague Airport’s Board of Directors.

  • The Czech Aeroholding group reported EBITDA of CZK 2.2 billion


    Czech Aeroholding (hereafter CAH) reached EBITDA of CZK 2.2 billion in 2013 according to unaudited consolidated results.

  • Václav Řehoř is the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech Aeroholding


    Vaclav Řehoř, Czech Aeroholding’s Vice-President, has become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech Aeroholding. He succeeds Miroslav Dvořák, who is leaving the company.

  • Miroslav Dvořák has resigned as Board chairman of Czech Aeroholding


    At today's meeting the Board of Directors of Czech Aeroholding was informed of Miroslav Dvořák’s decision to resign as the Board Chairman of Czech Aeroholding. Dvořák is also resigning as Chairman of the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board. Former Vice-President and current Board member Petr Vlasák, who was in charge of finance, human resources and central purchasing, decided to leave along with Dvořák. Vlasák is also leaving the Supervisory Board of Czech Airlines, of which he was a member.

  • Václav Řehoř, Zuzana Tairova and Petr Pavelec to join Czech Aeroholding’s Board of Directors


    Today, in a General Meeting, the Ministry of Finance of Czech Republic, as sole shareholder of Czech Aeroholding, approved changes to the company’s Board of Directors. Václav Řehoř, Zuzana Tairova and Petr Pavelec were elected new members of the Board of Directors. Concurrently, Philippe Marc Moreels, Josef Adam and Jozef Sinčák, current members of the Board of Directors, were dismissed.

  • Josef Adam elected as fourth Member of Czech Airlines’ Board of Directors


    Today, in an Extraordinary General Meeting of Czech Airlines, Josef Adam was elected to become a fourth member of the company’s Board of Directors. Josef Sinčák, a former member of the Board of Directors, was elected as its Vice-chairman.

  • Czech Airlines Handling expands its services to include a Call Center


    As of 1/7/2014, the CSA Services and Holidays Czech Airlines Call Centres will become part of Czech Airlines Handling. In addition, effective 1/7/2014 at the latest, Agentura Prace (Job Agency) will separate from CSA Services and the agency and its employees will become part of HR Management at Czech Aeroholding as an independent unit.

  • Korean Air is Bringing a New Key Partner into CSA – Travel Service


    Czech Aeroholding has been informed by Korean Air about its request to exercise of the call option right to purchase further 34% of Czech Airlines´ shares from Czech Aeroholding. This step is in accordance with the purchase contract on the sale of 44% of Czech Airlines´ shares signed by Korean Air and Czech Aeroholding in April this year. Korean Air will subsequently sell 34% stake to Travel Service, an air carrier, which will thus become a co-shareholder of Czech Airlines thus joining Korean Air which holds 44% of shares, Czech Aeroholding with the final share of 19.74% and Ceska Pojistovna which will continue to hold its 2.26% share in CSA.

  • Ivan Fuksa to leave the Board of Directors and the Post of Director of Czech Aeroholding


    As the result of a decision by the Ministry of Finance of the CR, as sole shareholder in Czech Aeroholding, a.s. and acting as the general meeting, the statutes of the company will be amended as of 1/12/2013, concurrent with the coming into effect of the Act on Corporations, to reduce the number of members of the Board of Directors of Czech Aeroholding, a.s., from the current six members to five, and to reduce the number of members of the Supervisory Board from twelve to nine. In this context, the Ministry of Finance of the CR is removing Ivan Fuksa from the Board of Directors, as well as Jiri Blazek and Alexandr Vondra from the Supervisory Board, at the end of November. Petr Minarik, another member of the Supervisory Board elected on behalf of employees, will also resign his post as of 30/11/2013. Under these changes to the company statutes, Ivan Fuksa has also decided to resign his post as Director of Development and Strategy for Czech Aeroholding as of the end of November.

  • Czech Airlines Handling is Expanding its Roster of Services to Airlines to Include Aircraft Refueling


    Czech Airlines Handling will begin to offer the new refuelling service to airlines on 1 January 2014.The new service will significantly expand its service portfolio, allowing the company to offer existing clients a so-called "comprehensive service package" for aircraft handling, which will also mean new business opportunities. Aside from the pronounced synergy effect for the Czech Aeroholding Group, the move will also lead to pronounced cost savings that had previously gone to third parties. The first customer to take advantage of the new service will be Czech Airlines.

  • Personnel changes in Czech Aeroholding Group


    At its meeting today, the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board was informed about Jiří Marek´s decision received to leave his post as Czech Airlines Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and resign from the position of Member of the Board of Directors. In October, the position of Czech Airlines Vice-president for Sales and Marketing and Member of the Czech Airlines Board of Directors will be performed by Jozef Sinčák who will by then have resigned from his current position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director for Business and Corporate Services of Prague Airport. Mr. Sinčák will be replaced at Prague Airport in both capacities by Marta Guthová who will, prior to her appointment to the company management, resign from her positions of Member of the Board of Directors and Director for Purchases, Sales and Marketing of Czech Aeroholding, the mother company of Prague Airport. The vacated position on the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors will then be assumed by Jozef Sinčák. All mentioned personnel changes within the Czech Aeroholding Group are subject to the approval of the Statutory Bodies of all companies involved during the month of October. The Statutory Bodies will elect new members of their Boards of Directors at that time (at both daughter companies, members of the Boards of Directors are elected at the company General Meeting, at Czech Aeroholding, members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Supervisory Board). A General Meeting of Czech Airlines will be called towards the end of October to accept Mr. Marek’s resignation from his post as Member of the Board of Directors and appoint Mr. Sinčák to the vacated position.

  • Czech Aeroholding Group and its Employees Contribute CZK 867,580 in Humanitarian Aid fot Flood Victims


    Employees of the Czech Aeroholding Group contributed more than CZK 430,000 as part of a charity effort organized by the Group. The company then matched that amount from its own funds. The entire amount of CZK 867,580 will be donated to selected recipients impacted by the flooding in association with the nonprofit organization People in Need.

  • Czech Aeroholding, Prague Airport and Incheon International Airport Corporation Sign Partnership Agreement


    The formal signing of a Partnership Agreement between Czech Aeroholding, its subsidiary Prague Airport and Incheon International Airport Corporation took place at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Airport today. Incheon International Airport Corporation operates the chief international Airport in South Korea, Incheon International Airport. The agreement focuses on close collaboration in developing new connections between Prague and Seoul, in exchanging information and experience and engaging in joint marketing activities.

  • The Supervisory Board of Czech Aeroholding Elected new Member


    The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, as the sole shareholder in Czech Aeroholding, a.s., acting as the general shareholders' meeting, has elected Lubomir Toman to the Supervisory Board of Czech Aeroholding. He is the Deputy Minister of Finance overseeing the State Property Management and Information Technology section. On the same occasion, the general shareholders' meeting rescinded the membership of the former First Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Czech Aeroholding, a.s., and former Deputy Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic, Zdenek Zajicek.

  • Korean Air received its 44% share interest in Czech airlines today


    Czech Aeroholding handed over 44% of Czech Airlines’ shares today, to the international carrier Korean Air, which, also as of today, transferred the purchase price of EUR 2.64 million to the account of Czech Airlines’ parent company.

  • Czech Aeroholding Group records 2012 EBITDA of 2.6 billion crowns


    In spite of the economic crisis which has been impacting the air transportation industry in recent years, the group of companies associated under parent Czech Aeroholding (hereinafter CAH), in its first-ever consolidated unaudited results, has attained EBITDA of CZK 2.6 billion for 2012. Group revenues reached CZK 11.8 billion. This result reflects the fact that some of the companies (Prague Airport, Czech Airlines Technics and Czech Airlines) were not part of the CAH group for the entire year but were added gradually over its course.

  • 90th Anniversary of the establishment of Czech Airlines to be commemorated with an exhibition at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague


    Czech Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in Europe. It has been providing services since 1923. Over the ninety years of its existence, the company has transported more than 115 million passengers and more than 918 thousand tons of goods and mail. Its planes have taken off and landed in 145 destinations located in 76 countries around the globe. Today, an exhibition opened with a ceremony in Terminal 2 at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague commemorating 90 years of operation by the company, during which time Czech Airlines has become a renowned global air carrier.

  • Personnel Changes in The Czech Aeroholding Group’s Statutory Bodies


    Several personnel changes are to take place within the Czech Aeroholding Group in the statutory bodies of its subsidiaries: Czech Airlines, Czech Airlines Handling and HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines. All these personnel changes consist of internal transfers between the individual Czech Aeroholding companies and take effect as of 1 June 2013.

  • Korean Air representative in the Czech Airlines´supervisory Board


    Today, the Czech Airlines Extraordinary General shareholders´ meeting elected Cho Won Tae as a new member of its Supervisory Board. Cho Won Tae replaces Petr Matousek who resigned from his position in the Czech Airlines Supervisory Board. The personnel change in the Supervisory Board of Czech Airlines take effect from the 1st of June 2013.

  • Korean Air representatives sign contract for stake in Czech Airlines


    Today, a contract for the purchase of 460,725 Czech Airlines (CSA) shares – a 44% stake in CSA – by Korean Air was signed at the Government Office. Czech representatives at the signing included Petr Necas, Prime Minister of the CR, Miroslav Kalousek, Minister of Finance of the CR, Miroslav Dvorak, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Czech Aeroholding, Michal Mejstrik, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Czech Aeroholding and Petr Vlasak, first Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech Aeroholding. The Korean air carrier was represented by Yang Ho Cho, the Chairman and CEO of Korean Air; Chang Hoon Chi, President of Korean Air; and Mr. Won Tae Cho Executive Vice President for Corporate Strategy & Planning Divison. Thus, the search for a Czech Airlines strategic partner has successfully come to a close.

  • The Government of the CR has approved the entry of a strategic partner in CSA


    Today the Government of the CR approved the sale of 460,725 Czech Airlines shares, representing a 44% stake in the company, to Korean Air. The purchase price offered by Korean Air is proportional to the last known CSA share price and totals €2.64 million. The process of selecting a strategic investor for Czech Airlines must now be completed by the signature of contracts and transfer of the shares themselves.

  • Korean Air Lines Offer Fulfills All Criteria


    At midnight on March 1, the window closed for submitting bids for a stake as a strategic investor in Czech Airlines (CSA). The sole binding offer submitted by the deadline was from Korean Air Lines Co. Ltd. The offer fulfilled all criteria designated for the choice of a strategic investor.

  • Czech Aeroholding supervisory board gets two new members


    The sole stockholder in Czech Aeroholding, the Ministry of Finance of the CR, acted at the general shareholders' meeting to choose two new members, Alexander Vondra and Jiri Mikl. It removed two existing members, Pavel Kohout and Jakub Hodinar.

  • Ivan Fuksa becomes Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Czech aeroholding


    Ivan Fuksa has begun serving Czech Aeroholding in January 2013 as Chief of Strategy and Development. In addition to helping bring a strategic partner to Czech Airlines, he will oversee various development projects in the holding group. On January 11, 2013, the Supervisory Board also elected him a member of the Czech Aeroholding Board of Directors and the Board of Directors then elected him their Vice Chairman.

  • The Government has endorsed the preparation of the Czech Airlines sale tender


    Today the Czech Government has passed a resolution in which it authorizes the company Czech Aeroholding to prepare a tender for the sale of the share capital of Czech Airlines, or for finding a possible strategic investor. Czech Aeroholding is the majority shareholder of Czech Airlines.

  • ANS CR Buys Czech Airlines Training Centre


    The state enterprise Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic signed an agreement with Czech Airlines today to purchase the Czech Airlines Training Centre company, a subsidiary of Czech Airlines which provides training for flight crews as well as technical and operational personnel, specialized courses for air cargo transport (IATA), tourism, professional growth and language courses for Cesky Aeroholding Group companies and external clients. ANS CR will become sole owner of the company as of October 1, 2012.

  • Czech Government Approves Transfer of Czech Airlines to Czech Aeroholding


    Today the Czech government approved absorption of Czech Airlines (CSA) into Czech Aeroholding (CAH). Czech Airlines thus will become the last company slated for inclusion to become part of the holding group of state-owned corporations active in air transport and ground services at the Prague/Ruzyne Airport.

  • Czech Airlines Technics to become part of Czech Aeroholding


    Czech Airlines Technics has become the fifth company to be officially incorporated into the Czech Aeroholding Group. Czech Aeroholding thus becomes the new sole stockholder after taking control of 100% of the shares of the former Czech Airlines subsidiary.

  • Letiste Praha included in Czech aeroholding


    Today, Letiste Praha officially becomes part of the Czech Aeroholding group. The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic signed a contract on a 100% deposit of Letiste Praha shares in Czech Aeroholding. Letiste Praha has thus become the fourth company to be fully included in the new holding structure.

  • Czech Aeroholding is replacing the 10-year Letiste Praha bond program in the amount of CZK 10 billion


    Czech Aeroholding is establishing a CZK 10 billion bond program to replace the earlier Letiste Praha bond program approved after all credit obligations were transferred to Cesky Aeroholding. The length of the program will be 10 years.

  • Czech Aeroholding Group Saving CZK 150 Million on Rent


    The Czech Aeroholding Group has just completed an extensive move of more than 500 employees so that its operations are exclusively conducted in space owned by Czech Aeroholding, saving roughly CZK 150 million over the next five years. In recent months, employees have left the so-called Rodop Central Administrative Building at Prague/Ruzyne Airport, as well as two buildings in the city center which had been rented by a subsidiary of Czech Aeroholding for office space.

  • Czech Aeroholding and Prague Airport will have a new spokesperson, no change at the Czech Airlines


    Czech Aeroholding, which will cover the subsidiaries Prague Airport, Czech Airlines, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, Czech Airlines Technics, Czech Airlines Handling and CSA Services, has a new spokesperson. It is Michaela Lagronova, who has been the spokesperson for Prague Airport so far. Also Prague Airport will have a new spokesperson, as Eva Krejčí will return to become the spokesperson for the company again. Hana Hejsková will stay with the Czech Airlines to control inter alia all communications in HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, Czech Airlines Technics, CSA Services and Czech Airlines Handling.

  • Miroslav Dvořák will be the CEO of Czech Aeroholding


    Czech Aeroholding, which will umbrella the subsidiary Prague Airport, Czech Airlines, HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, Czech Airlines Technics, Czech Airlines Handling and Czech Airlines Services, has its Chief Executive Officer. From 1st November 2011, this will be Miroslav Dvořák, who as of same date shall resign from his current job of the general manager of Prague Airport and the president of Czech Airlines.

  • Czech Aeroholding has been incorporated


    Joint Stock Company Czech Aeroholding was incorporated on Friday, March 11. It could only happen after the Minister of Finance signed the memorandum on February 10, 2011. On the eve preceding the formal act (March 10), Miroslav Dvorak, Chairman of the Board of Czech Airlines and Chairman of the Board of Prague Airport, sent his resignation letter to supervisory boards of these companies. Hereby he resigned from the statutory position of a board member, which is the end of the transition period, when he held the position of President in both of these statutory bodies.

  • Czech Aeroholding Bodies Choose Chairman and Vice-Chairmen


    On Monday, February 14, 2011, the Supervisory Board of Czech Aeroholding met for the first time, with the makeup designated on January 19 of this year by the Government of the Czech Republic.* At its inaugural meeting, the Supervisory Board elected Michal Mejstrik as its Chairman, with Zdenek Zajicek and Pavel Kohout as Vice-Chairmen. The initial meeting of the Supervisory Board could only take place after the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic signed the company's founding charter on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

  • Government Approves Creation of Czech Aeroholding


    In an evening meeting yesterday, the government approved the creation of a holding company from state-owned air transport and ground services firms. The inclusion of Czech Airlines, its subsidiaries, and Prague Airport in a newly established limited liability corporation named Czech Aeroholding will provide for a stable entity with strong capital resources under the direct supervision of the state. A number of synergies will allow it to achieve significant operational and financial savings.